Double Denim Style Feature






Nobody Denim (old)||Rails LA shirt on sale here!!! More affordable style, here||Prada Sunglasses||Louis Vuitton handbag||Superga sneakers

Happy Monday!! Here’s a look I wore over the weekend.

I think the double denim combo is so cute! My tip is to switch up the colour variation of the denim. For instance, I’m wearing lighter denim on top and darker on the bottom. The variation in shade contrasts the outfit and gives it an extra pop! 

On another note, If you saw my latest Instagram post  you would know that I mentioned I had outgrown pretty much all of my denim jeans. I think I’ve been in denial for the last 9 months, believing I was still a size 8, lol that ship has sailed! Anyway since yesterday I’ve gone on to purchase a couple of new pairs of Nobody Denim jeans. I’ve stuck with Nobody because they are by far some of the best jeans I’ve ever worn and I thought I may as well stick with what I love. Plus Live Clothing had 25% off store wide, so I definitely couldn’t resist!! As far as I know the sale is still going in-store and online, so if your wanting to try Nobody or need to replenish some of your old ones, now’s the time.

Until next time,

Ash xx

2017 Easter Long Weekend Roundup 

Happy Easter my loves, 

If you follow me on social media, you would know that the hubby and I packed up and headed down South for the long weekend! Every year we head to the country for Easter and go camping with my in-laws. This year we stayed at the ‘Caves Road Caravan Park’ in Yallingup. Yallingup is breathtaking to say the least! Some of my must see places include; Yallingup Beach, Wyadup Roacks, The Cape Lavender Tea House, and The Canal Rocks. Oh, and if your a nougat lover like my husband and myself, than you can’t go past Bettenay’s

Until next time,

Ash xx 

Bedroom Reveal~ Plus My Styling Tips!


Target cushions|| White pillowslips|| Sheridan bedspread (no longer available), more here, and here





Faux fur throw~ similar here|| Target blanket


Bedside Lamp|| Artwork|| Frame~ available in-store at Red Dot|| Jo Malone candle|| Jar~ available in-store at Red Dot|| Books, here and here



Artwork||Frame available in-store at Red Dot|| Bedside Lamp|\ Photo frame~ available in-store at Adairs|| Bible~ in-store from any book shop. 



Vera Wang photo frame (gifted)|| Concrete plate~ in-store at Kmart for $1!!!|| Chrystal set (gifted)|| Bedroom Furniture via The furniture gallery~ mine here 

Today, I’m excited to share with you all my newly decorated bedroom! Frankie and I were extremely lucky and were gifted this gorgeous bedroom suite as a wedding gift late last year. I had been meaning to re-decorate, but with Christmas and New Year approaching, I just never got around to it! 

I’ve always loved home decor and believe that a visually appealing bedroom is not only relaxing but welcoming after a long day of work! One issue a lot of people struggle with is styling a room on a budget, furniture and home-wares can be incredibly expensive. However, as you can see from my pictures (above) a good mix of high and low end products can make the world of difference.

I like to invest in good quality furniture as I believe it acts as the foundation of the bedroom, and choosing to add in affordable home-wares instead. One of my go-to stores for affordable styling is Target, I find their quality is exceptional and incredibly affordable. The bonus of purchasing more affordable accessories is that you can mix them, or replace them for an entirely different look.

I went for a ‘relaxed coastal’ look for our bedroom. We only live five minutes from the beach, so our room really reflects our coastal location. Overall, I’m loving how it turned out!

Until next time,

ash xx

Casual Sunday Style





Viktoria and Woods Jumper|| Levi Jeans~ similar here|| Superga Sneakers|| Alexander Wang Handbag|| Ray-Ban Sunglasses|| Target Watch

The weather dipped a little bit here in Perth on Sunday and I used it as an excuse to wear my new ‘plait’ jumper from Viktoria and Woods! I’ve been eyeing this jumper off for a while now, but the hefty price tag kept deterring me. A couple of weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and purchased it, and I have no regrets. I love it so much that I refused to take it off yesterday when the sun came out, and it was way too hot to be wearing a knit! I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this baby a lot this Winter!!

Love and light,

ash xx


Day to Night Style Feature







Kookai dress|| Cheap Monday jacket~ similar here|| Converse sneakers|| Ninewest heels|| Longchamp handbag|| Chanel purse (available in selected boutiques)|| Prada sunglasses|| Nars lipstick~heatwave 

I love, love, love to invest in basic pieces for my wardrobe that can be worn to numerous occasions; day or night. I love this basic t-shirt dress from Kookai because  its perfect for a casual day out, and it can be dressed up so easily! On Sunday I wore my new dress out for a casual day of shopping with a pair of converse sneakers and my trustee Longchamp handbag. Mum wanted to go to Ikea, and god knows how important comfort is when battling the crowd at that maze! In the evening hubby and I went on date night. I kept the same outfit on from the day, but I dressed it up with a pair of nude sandals, a touch of red lippy and I changed my purse.

So there you go, two looks with one dress!

until next time,

ash xx 

Casual Sunday Style



Dotti dress (similar here)|| Converse sneakers|| Longchamp handbag|| New York Yankies cap (purchased in Hawaii)|| Prada sunglasses 

A casual look I wore for Sunday brunch at the Lavender farm. This classic stripe t-shirt dress was perfect for the weekend; comfy and super cute! And if your planning on travelling to Pemberton, I highly recommend visiting the Lavender farm for their famous pancakes and giant scones.

Until next time,

Ash x 

Open Letter to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Committee

To the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Committee,

My name is Ashleigh Vellios, and I’m married to Francois van Gruening, which makes Daniel and Sharon van Gruening my in-laws. I am disappointed that my families battle for their Australian citizenship has come this far! I believe that their health condition is an unsatisfying reason for denial of citizenship, especially when the applicants have maintained their condition financially for the past 12 years without government assistance. I believe my mother and father-in-law have been unfairly dismissed and deserve to be granted their Australian residence.

I myself am only second generation Australian, with my dad’s parents migrating to Australia from Macedonia and my mother’s mum migrating from Germany. I’ve grown up in and have experienced a multicultural Australia! I’ve learnt some of my family’s traditional language, experienced their cultural traditions as well and eaten and cooked European dishes; all whilst growing up and identifying as an Aussie. And now thanks to my new family, I’ve learnt to speak some Afrikaans, eaten South African dishes and learnt about some of their nation’s traditions, which I am so thankful to have experienced because I believe that culture develops personality and individuality.

My husband and I first met when I was 17 and although we were young for such a serious relationship, Sharon and Daniel were incredibly welcoming. They invited me over for family dinners and adventures out, whilst maintaining a vested interest in my life and culture. Sharon has visited my Baba and Dedo (grandmother and grandfather) many times for their traditional European lunch and has heard many stories about their life in the ‘old country’.

View More:

View More:

I have been treated like part of the family from the very beginning to say the least, thus I have witnessed a family that is extremely close and loving to one another, and it is a shame that it could be potentially broken up! My in-laws sacrificed crucial years of Francois and Johan’s childhood, leaving them in the company of their relatives in order to find work overseas to make enough money to migrate their family to a safer country to not only allow their sons, but their future grandchildren a life without serious crime and murder. South Africa is one of the most dangerous countries in the world and In 2014 Francois’s uncle whom lived on the family’s farm back home was brutally murdered. I have witnessed firsthand the emotional toll this death has caused the family. My husband and I are incredibly fearful for Sharon and Daniels life if they are sent back to South Africa, I couldn’t bare it if anything was to happen to them.

My in-laws have been there to celebrate our birthdays, academic achievements, our engagement and wedding day; they have supported and encouraged us over the five years we have been together. My husband and I are planning to start trying for a baby in the next year and we want Sharon and Daniel to be here to celebrate the birth of their first grandchild. We want them around to celebrate their grandchild’s birthdays, academic and sporting achievements and most importantly we want our children to develop a relationship with their maternal grandparents. We want our children to understand their South African heritage; they can experience the language, food and culture in Australia through their Ouma and Opa. To be honest, this will not be possible if Sharon and Daniel are sent back to South Africa.

View More:

Sharon and Daniel are well respected members of not only their immediate family here in Perth, but with the Manjimup community. Working full time and participating in local sporting activities has allowed the couple to develop and maintain relationships with fellow town members. As such Shaz and Daniel have often attended parties, gone out for dinners and drinks, and even gone on camping trips with their friends from Manjimup. They are also valued members at their workplace, often working overtime and putting in all their effort to get the job done to the best of their ability. As a result they have contributed greatly to the overall success and achievement of Manjimup Toyota!

Sharon and Daniel have been battling their entire lives and like many Aussie battlers, they share one thing in common, a wish to provide a better life for their family and loved ones. They may have been born in a different country, speak another language, and have an accent, but all things aside they are just like us, human beings trying to better their families future. As Australians we take our fortunate surroundings for granted, but for one minute put yourself in their shoes, and help them win their battle for a safer and brighter future. I for one cannot sleep at night knowing that I take this great country for granted, when so many others will never experience this opportunity. As a first world country I believe it’s our duty to provide others these same opportunities. Thus I will argue that it is un-Australian to deny the applicants permanent residence and split this family up! Doing so will have detrimental repercussions for the overall happiness of each member of this close knit family.

I believe in Australia!

Yours sincerely,

Ashleigh Vellios

Affordable Style Post: Floral Wrap Dress






Dotti dress ~ I love this colour as well|| Target slides|| Prada sunglasses 

The floral wrap dress has been so ‘in’ this season and I’ve been hunting for the perfect style that it flattering, stylish, and affordable. Last weekend my husband and I were strolling through the city after breakfast and I spotted a beautiful floral  wrap dress in the front window at Dotti, with 40% off dresses that day I had to go in and try it on (if you follow me on Instagram, you would have already seen my fitting room selfie, ha). At only $40, this dress was well and truly a bargain!

I wore my new dress this weekend for a coffee date with my hubby in the morning and an afternoon out with my in-laws at the beach. The floral wrap dress is great for a casual Sunday out with a pair of sandals, but I’m looking forward to wearing it again when the weather cools down and I can throw a jacket over my shoulders and a pair of ankle boots. 

Until next time,

ash xx 

Not Your Basic Jeans and T-shirt




Target T-shirt|| Nobody denim jeans|| Hobbs wedges~ similar, here|| Prada sunglasses|| Chanel purse|| Charlotte Tilbury lipstick~ Carina’s love

A classic white t-shirt and blue denim jeans are one of my go-to outfits for when I’m having one of those days when I have nothing to wear, or don’t want to overly dress up. However, basic doesn’t have to be boring and whenever I wear the simple ‘jeans and t-shirt’ combo, I always spruce it up a bit! I do this by adding a bright lipstick (red always looks great with white), a cute pair of sunglasses, a statement purse or bag, a piece of jewelry , and a gorgeous pair of heels or wedges. Simple, but still stylish! 

Love and Light,

ash xx

Pretty in Pink


Top row: Witchery bomber jacket|| Forever New top|| Witchery dress

Second row: Wittner sneakers|| DB Cosmetics lipstick|| Skye and Lach sunglasses

Third row: Adairs throw|| DB Cosmetics blush|| Sportsgirl bucket bag

 I was never a pink girl to say the least, and if mum was to see this post, she would cry of laughter because when I was little everything needed to be blue, blue blue! Blue is still my favorite colour, and those who are closest to me will know that I’m not the girliest of girls, but I’m still partial to a splash of pink! This season pink has become the new black, although an all black combo will always have my heart, I’m still excited to add some of the colour to my wardrobe. The items featured above are my picks from the latest trend and I have to make a special mention about the ‘Designer Brands Cosmetic’ long-wear lipstick (above), this has to be one of the best affordable lipsticks on the market!


Ash xx