2014/2015 Summer Fashion: White Hot

Hey Guys,

Summer is on it’s way to Australia so I’m in the process of organizing my summer wardrobe and I rarely stray from ‘black’ but I’ve become really obsessed with all white seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian.

kim all white
Courtesy of OutfitID
kimy k
Courtesy of OutfitID
kimy w
Courtesy of OutfitID

White on white is incredibly simple yet extremely sophisticated and sexy!

Witchery has jumped on board the white trend with their latest collection and its to die for, I seriously want everything…

Here are my favourites from the collection:

Majave Wide leg pant
Majave wide leg pant
Joshua Ponte Top
Joshua ponte top
Dalea Frill Knit
Dalea frill knit
Sahara Layered Dress
Sahara layered dress

You can shop the full collection here: http://goo.gl/3R8kzr

Wearing all white doesn’t have to be daunting!

My tips for dressing in all white are:

  • Try mixing textures for a more stylish look. For example mixing a white knitted tank with white denim jeans.
  • Go from day to night by switching from flats to nude heels and a bold lip.
  • Give yourself a tan. All white will make it pop and give you a sexy bronzed look.
  • Nude undies will save your life!
  • Napisan is your friend, it will ensure your whites stay white.

Love and light

Ash x

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