The Meaning Behind the Name

Hey guys

Your probably wondering who ‘Elena and Stase’ are, what it means and why its the name of this blog.

The name is a reference to my Macedonian heritage.

Elena being my Baba’s (grandmothers) traditional name and Stase shortened from Anastasios, my Dedo’s (granfathers).

I chose their names for the title of this blog (other than the fact that is sounds cool) because it not only represents my Macedonian heritage but it also tributes my grandparents achievements and thus encourages me to work hard.

My grandparents moved to Australia with nothing, escaping a country that held no future for them yet achieved a life worth living!

Throughout my childhood I’ve heard stories about the struggles and hard work my grandparents have been through from working on farms, raising a family and developing property.

My Grandparents have worked their butts off and they will continue to until the day they die!

They have brought so much joy into my world and inspire me to achieve great things everyday.

Their story and their struggle gives me hope that one day I will create something that others will be proud of.

Starting with this blog.

Love and Light


Elena and Anastasios x

With Baba and Dedo. Celebrating Dedo’s 80th Birthday x


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