Summer Home Decor:

Hey guys

If you didn’t already know, summer is my favourite season so I’m continuing my summer series with home decor to match the warmer weather.

When it comes to home decor, I like it the same way I like my fashion, minimal and relaxed. I stick to a colour palette of white, black and grey. While  this palette is suitable for the colder weather (and my closet), I feel I can be more experimental in my home decor choices in the summer time.

So without a further ado:

  • Summer Prints:

I absolutely adore this Sheridan quilt cover, the print and the colours, it really makes the room pop.

The Sheridan miri miri quilt

My bed is currently rocking a bright blue printed Sheridan quilt to add some colour to my all white bedroom. And I have to admit (tail between my legs) that the bright colour makes me happy and I couldn’t love it anymore.

  • Crisp White:

I adore a crisp white quilt all year round but I find it much more fitting in the warmer part of the year and I especially love this Sheridan quilt.

Sheridan beauchamp tailored quilt

A white quilt is so simple and fresh, yet represents everything I love about Summer!

You can keep it crisp and simple by sticking to all white or pair it with a colourful throw and pillow for a more vibrant effect.

  • Flowers:

I Love fresh flowers in homes. Flowers bring about an air of freshness as well as bringing summer inside.

Photo via Google images
Photo via Google images

White flowers are my favourite especially during summer and make any home feel fresh!

If you want to be more creative, you can experiment with a vase. Gone are the days of using the traditional clear (crystal) vases that everyone’s grandmothers own. Instead use a glass jar for smaller flowers or porcelain  milk jug like the image above.

  • And let there be light:

My last tip for summer home decor is ensuring your home is full of light.

Keep the curtains open or choose curtains that allows the sun to shine through into your home.

Image via Google images

Be Inspired this summer!

Love and Light

Ash x

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