February Edit

The beginning of February marks the final few weeks of summer. It’s the last chance to wear a bathing suit, tan you limbs and rock a romper. I’ve compiled together six items to get you through the last days of summer.

Feb edit 2

1) Calvin Klein nechlace, $110: http://goo.gl/vZVdMO

2) The Base, Gradual Tanner, $29: http://goo.gl/mBzf29

3) Seed Heritage Romper, $129.95: http://goo.gl/lXhGHR

4) Charlotte Tilbury, Filmstar Bronze and Glow, $96.55: http://goo.gl/jEUcOV

5) Witchery Sandals, $129.95: http://goo.gl/iq40nP

6) Zimmermann Bikini, $260: http://goo.gl/siA9zV

Get The Look:

Lara Bingle bronzed complexion (Image via Google Images).
Elle wearing a striped romper (Image via They All Hate Us).
black bikini
Celebrities wearing black bikinis (Image via Google Images).


Ash x

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