David Jones Autumn/Winter 2015 Fashion Show

It’s that time of year again when fashion giant, David Jones showcases their Autumn/Winter collections that will be hitting the stores soon.

I must say, this showcase has got me excited with hit after hit on the runway!

The fashion show had a 70’s feel to it, with models wearing fur vests, flare pants and “man style” attire.


Kate Waterhouse, Harper and Harley, Nadia Fairfax, Chronicles of her and Zanita Looking stunning before the fashion show.


Jessica Gomes, absolutely stunning in Dion Lee prior to the fashion show.


Elyse Taylor in Dion Lee and Montana Cox in Michael Losordo.


LOVE this white fur vest and flare pant combo!


No words for this striking Bianca Spender suit attire.


Another hit by Jack and Jack.


Jessica Gomes showcasing an outfit by Camilla and Marc.


Stunning looks from Camilla With Love.


In absolute awe of these Zimmermann pieces.


Loving this “man style” look by Bassike.

My favourite looks from the fashion show were Bassike, Camilla and Marc as well as Zimmermann. I’m really loving the fact that 70’s fashion has had a comeback; I absolutely adore 70’s style and cant wait to play around with it this Autumn/Winter.

Love and Light

Ash x

*DISCLAIMER: ALL images in this post have been taken from the David Jones Instagram page.

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