Elena and Staci Goes Country: Lyster Orchards

I’ve taken the week off and headed down South to Manjimup for the week, with the fiancΓ©.

For those of you who don’t know, Manjimup is located in the South West of Western Australia. Approximately three and a half hours from Perth.

Today I visited Lyster Orchards, located in the outskirts of Manjimup with my mother and father in-law. True to the name, the farm had lots of fresh delicious apples. But there was more than just apples! Lyster stocked a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers in the region at fantastic prices!

Recently I’ve been struggling to find fresh and tasty fruit and vegetables in Perth. So, of course we stocked up!





IMG_2408-0 My mother in-law with her giant zucchini. A steal at only $1!

IMG_2411-0 They even served gourmet ice-cream. Yum!!

IMG_2422-0 My mother in-law and all her fresh goodies!


If your heading down south, Lyster Orchards is a must! Otherwise, occasionally some of the Lyster team visit the farmers markets in Perth.

I’ll be visiting Lyster later on in the week to stock up before I head home….. And maybe get a sneaky ice-cream too!


Ash x


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