No Judgement Here? Engaged at 20

A little off the topic of fashion and beauty this week, but completely relevant in my opinion.

I’m a massive fan of Sophie Shaw, AKA ‘ The Young Mummy’, who is an Australian blogger writing about being a young mum in the most raw and personal way! (blog here: Her blog is amazing and one of a kind in an environment where anything from fashion, beauty and even motherhood are sugar coated.

I was reading one of Sophie’s articles the other day and I was like “hell yeah I can relate to this”! Now, I don’t have any babies and I don’t plan to have them anytime soon, however the point Sophie raised seemed really relevant to what I’m going through at the moment.

the young mummy

Picture of Sophie and her son Bobby via ‘The Young Mummy’ Instagram page. Love it!

The article I read was, ‘Stop judging me for being a young mum’ (available here:, Sophie discussed the negative and judgmental questions and comments she would receive from the ‘outsider people’, about becoming a young mum.

Now I guess people are wondering, “how does this relate to you”? Well put simply I recently got engaged….Okay six months ago!! Seriously, can I please ask where the hell the time went? Nevertheless getting engaged at 20 years old is a bit of conversation starter, which some of the time can be quite negative.

frank and me

Francois and I on a night out! Picture from my Instagram page.

wedding announcement

My engagement announcement on my Instagram page!

Usually from people I don’t know or who I’m not too close with, I get statements like, “oh, you’re engaged?” closely followed by “really? But your so young!”

Yes, I am aware that I’m 20 years old and yes, I know I am young, but why should that matter?

What’s even more frustrating are the statements such as “I want to travel the world before I get married” or “I can’t believe you’re engaged, I could never imagine getting married at your age” and my all time favourite “wow, you are young! Are you sure about this?”

I will travel the world one day, I’ll see places but it will be in the company of my husband and you know what I couldn’t be more excited! I couldn’t think of a better person to travel with, I get my best friend and my lover all in one.

frank and i in freo

Frankie and I pre-engagement.

I get that we live in a society where marriage at a young age is no longer the norm but who says because it’s not common, it shouldn’t be done? My god, I feel so blessed and so lucky to have Frankie in my life! I have a partner who loves me unconditionally and treats me with the respect that I deserve. He’s my biggest supporter and he motivates me to strive for more in life and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

Who knows what the future holds for us, all I know is I’m so grateful to share it with Frankie.

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Love and Light

Ash x

2 thoughts on “No Judgement Here? Engaged at 20

  1. Wow you bring tears to my eyes, I cant ask for a better daughter in law, loving, caring and always so full if life we are happy to have you in Frankie’s life he is a happy and a lucky guy! P.S. Cant wait for u to start a family I will be the proudest ‘Ouma’!

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