Mini Blogger Feature: Elena and Staci talks Winter, 70s style and basics

Hi Guys,
I thought I would share the interview I did with my good friend Mel from her Blog giraffe style.


The Giraffe Files

Images: 2,3,4 elena_and_staci personal Instagram. 1 and 3 photographed by myself.  

Ashleigh Vellios; my friend, blogger of Elena and Staci and fellow University student, is in some ways like a mini me. And I mean that literally. At 170cm she doesn’t quite make the cut for Giraffe status, yet I do feel we are on the same wavelength in terms of hobbies and personal style. From the outside, we are clearly polar opposites (blonde v brunette, younger, engaged etc), however, Ash is very clued in when it comes to dressing for her body and follows the same theories as I on things surrounding caked-on makeup and buying trends for the sake of following everyone else. Oh, we’re also both studying Public Relations and Journalism which no doubt plays a role in a our bloggie interests!

I caught up with Ash during the week to chat to her about…

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