Style Feature: Giraffe Style’s Guide For Dressing In Winter

This week I interviewed, Mel Moyle from Giraffe Style whom is a good friend of mine, fellow fashion blogger and University student. I first met Mel three years ago when I started uni, where we both study Public Relations and Journalism. What strikes me the most about Mel is her height, at six foot one she literally looks like she has just walked off the catwalk! Mel is a natural beauty and an advocate for understated fashion, like me she enjoys a no fuss approach to her style.

In between class this week I caught up with Mel to discuss all things fashion, particularly how she dresses for her height and her favourite winter outfit.

You use to be a high fashion model, how did you find the modelling industry? What were the highlights? What were the negatives?

I enjoyed a lot of it , but in saying that there were a lot of negatives. You’ve always got to worry about your weight, you’ve always got to think about it and more often than not you get told your too fat! There’s a bit  myth around how tall models are, models aren’t that tall and I often found I was too tall. It’s all about sample sizes (one size all stylists get given) and if you don’t fit in that size than you don’t get the job. It’s all about image! Positives are that you get to travel and meet interesting people as well as work in the industry doing shows, which is really fun. 

You play basketball now, how important is physical exercise to you?

It’s pretty much all I know, I started playing basketball when I was little and all my family participate in it. We’re all sporty so its not really something I think about, it’s more of a lifestyle. When I don’t play it gets a bit depressing.

What are some of the negatives and positives being a tall woman?

Positives are that I have long legs, that’s always nice! Certain outfits can be more flattering on taller woman, like skirts and dresses. But in saying that there are outfits that just don’t work. It can be hard to find a good pair of jeans, they can be too short sometimes. 

What are some of your favourite stores or brands to shop when catering for your height?

As I mentioned before my problem is mainly finding pants that fit me well, usually I shop online, but I really like Nobody denim. I pretty much look around and what I find is what I find. However, I do know that there are brands like Long Tall Sally, but that’s for women that are really tall. 

Now, we’re going into winter, what are some of the things you struggle with when dressing for your height? And how do you combat it?

Pants. I love pants, I should of been a man! But when you have that ankle freezer look, that’s depressing, especially when they fit perfectly everywhere else and then they’re a couple of inches too short. Shoes can be hard sometimes because I have a big foot, so I can fall in love with a pair of shoes but they just won’t be big enough. Arm length can also be a bit of an issue for me too. I often go to men’s sizes because they are longer in arm length. I find women’s shirts can be too small and finish at an awkward spot on my arm. I do like button downs, so the men section works.

What is your go to/fail proof outfit that makes you feel good anytime?

Probably jeans, boots and a black knit with like a cowl neck or baggy on top. I wear a lot of black, especially in winter! If it’s really cold I’ll wear a coat over the top and I usually feel really good.

As a tall woman are you ever reluctant to wear high heels? Please explain.

Only really during the day. At night time, not so much. But in saying that, I don’t want to wear massive heels and look like an idiot and my feet get sore. 

How do you go about wearing heels when your with your boyfriend? Is he taller than you?

He is taller than me. If I wear a decent heel, he’ll be a tiny bit shorter than me but that doesn’t really bother me. He probably gets more bothered than I do!

What is your advice for other tall women?

Just to embrace your lankiness and obviously beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes, so it doesn’t matter if your tall or small, just go with it. Dress for what suits your body and not whats in fashion.

mel blog 3

Mel and I during our interview.

mel blog 1

Image via Mel

mel blog5

A photo I took of Mel during our interview. Pictured here wearing one of her favourite wardrobe pieces, jeans.

mel blog 2

Image via Mel.

mel blog 6

Another photo I took of Mel.

mel blog4

A close up of Mel’s outfit. Loving her bright scarf she paired with a simple black T-shirt and jeans.

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