Wardrobe Organisation Tips:

My worst nightmare in life is becoming a hoarder. Yep. You heard right! Just the sound of the word, “Hoarder” makes me shudder, and the fear of being swamped in my own useless crap, well you get the point! I thrive off organisation, cleanliness and throwing useless junk out. I always have thanks to my Mum, who by the way shares the same hoarder fear as me. I may be a little OCD or as my partner likes to call me, anal….. But, I’ve perfected a system that ensures I always find something to wear.

sex and the city closet scene

If only all wardrobe clean out sessions were as fun as this!

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My Wardrobe Organisation Tips:

1. Buy clothes for ‘YOU’:

My number one tip and most adamant point for building a wearable and organised wardrobe is buying clothes that suit your particular body type, what YOU like and what goes with pre-existing items in your wardrobe. I think the number one mistake most women make at least one point in their life is, buying clothes because they’re in ‘fashion’ , that don’t always suit everyone’s body shape. The issue with this is, you often end up with piles of clothes in your cupboard that you don’t wear because you don’t feel comfortable in it or it just doesn’t make you feel good. Thus knowing your body shape and establishing your OWN personal style are the best ways to maintain closet organisation and always finding something to wear!

2. Chuck things out!

If you haven’t worn something in at least six months, the chances of you wearing that item again are pretty slim. A tip I’ve learn’t over the years is to hang all clothes on a coat hanger one way in your closet; hanging items that you haven’t worn for a long time or aren’t too fond of, the opposite way. If after six months the opposite hangers haven’t been changed around, throw the item away.

3. Keep a bin for clothes you no longer want:

Pretty self explanatory, keep a small bin inside your wardrobe to put clothes you no longer want in. When the bin is full take the old clothes to the Salvos, or however else you wish to discard them. The good thing about this method is that if after a while you begin to miss a particular item, you can just pull it out of the bin and wear it again.

4. Cleanliness is key!

The easiest way to find clothes, get dressed quickly and always have something to wear; is regularly clean your wardrobe. I give my closet a quick sweep at least once a week. This gives me a chance to see what items I have (sometimes, what I’ve forgotten I have) and plan my outfits for the rest of the week. Having  a neat wardrobe where everything has a place, makes the whole process of getting dressed each day that much easier.

5. Sell, Sell, Sell!

Just because you don’t like something or don’t wear something anymore does not mean you just have to throw it away! Sites like; Ebay and Gumtree make selling old clothes, shoes and accessories easier. The process isn’t overly difficult and you get some of what you paid for the item back. Keep all the items your selling in a clear plastic tub, where they can stay out of the way and in good condition. Also be flexible with the prices, you can’t expect someone to pay top dollar for a shirt that’s already been worn.

There you have it, my 5 tips for wardrobe organisation!

Love and Light

Ash x

6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Organisation Tips:

  1. I’m a hoarder.. only because I like the colors of the rainbow in my closet. Everything is organised by color from darkest to lightest. However as of late I’ve been having to make tough decisions (LOL right…) and let go of a number of items. I’ve sold quite a few dresses on Ebay and I have to say it’s quite satisfying! DF xoxo


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