Exploring Western Australia: Busselton Adventures

Two weeks ago my partner and I made our way down south to Manjimup for the annual ‘Truffle Kerfuffle’ event (read here: https://goo.gl/Y7qYM9). We decided to take a detour on our way and stop at Busselton, to explore what the country town had to offer, and do a little shopping of course! 

The Old Cheddar Cheese Company:

We first visited the Old Cheddar Cheese Company, which was located just outside Busselton on Ludlow road. I’m a cheese lover and let me just say, this place was amazing! The small cafe was situated next to the cheese factory, where they manufacture cheddar cheese with numerous flavor concoctions. One of my favourites had to be smoked cheddar.

The cafe allows for free tastings and the cheese was also available for purchase! We enjoyed a coffee and raisin toast with cheddar cheese on top for morning tea. Yum!



The cheese tasting setup.


A close-up of all the cheddar cheese flavours we could try!



The cabinet with all the cheddar cheese available for purchase.


Me pictured with all the cheddar cheese! I’m wearing Nobody denim, Kenzo Jumper, Forever New leather jacket and Wittner boots. 

The Fire Station:

For lunch we visited the Fire Station! The old Busselton fire station was once used for fire emergency, however it has recently been converted into a small quircky bar and restaurant. According to the website, the Fire Station, brings local elements back to life with support of local beer, wine and food producers.

We ordered a spicy Italian sausage pizza, and cheese and jalapeno croquettes, which was delicious!

I definitely recommend visiting the Fire Station next time your in Busselton!


IMG_4017IMG_3999  IMG_4001



Let me know if you’ve visited the two places mentioned, in the comments bellow and if you have any recommendations for me to visit next time I’m down south. 


Ash x

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