My Favourite Jewellery: Featuring Invaluable Auctions

I teamed up with Invaluable Auctions to share my favourite pieces of Jewellery from my personal collection. Invaluable is the World’s largest online auction marketplace of fine arts, collectibles and antiques! Bidders can search and buy from over 160,000 auctions annually, wow!

Now, I’ve never been a ‘Jewellery’ person by any means. My collection is embarrassingly small! Nevertheless, over time I have a accumulated pieces of Jewellery that have become ‘favourites’, and in the future will be passed down to family members.

I’ve always been obsessed with my families jewellery! Hey mum, do you remember that time I tried to steal your engagement ring? I think it was the stories or meaning behind the jewellery that I enjoyed the most.  From my nanna’s golden locket given to her from my grandfather, my mum’s gold band passed down from her grandmother, and my fathers European chain, he was gifted from his parents. All these pieces of jewellery hold immense value, making them that much more attractable!

I love fine, yellow or rose gold, delicate Jewellery. Small pieces that hold great sentimental value and that can be incorporated into any outfit. Actually, all of my favourite and sentimental pieces have been gifted to me by significant others!

All of my favourite Jewellery pieces pictured! 


My absolute favourite piece of Jewlery is my engagement ring! My fiancé proposed to me almost a year ago, and with the most perfect engagement ring, EVER!!! The ring is from Stefan Diamonds in Perth, and features a rose gold band with an oval diamond and halo. I never take my ring off! The Hubby did good!

My engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewellery. It holds so many memories, like our proposal story; which will no doubt be told to future generations.

My engagement announcement from last year! Photo taken from my personal Instagram page. 

My other favourite Jewellery pieces include; a gold cross given to me when I was a baby from my Baba and Dedo, for my Christening. My grandparents sourced the necklace from my great grandparents who lived in Macedonia at the time. I don’t wear the necklace, but it holds great sentimental value and will be passed down to my children, some day!

My other two pieces of jewellery pictured above, were gifted to me by the hubby. One is a gold chain with a diamond pendant; so simple, yet so elegant! The other, a gold tag bracelet that has Frankie’s initials engraved on it. These two pieces are my most worn and loved!

If your looking to buy  pre-used Jewellery, than I highly recommend visiting Invaluable Auctions. I know that’s where I’ll be heading to update my jewellery collection!

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Love and Light

Ash x

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