How to Get the Most Out of Your Wardrobe ~ How I re-wear my clothes!

I’m all about getting the most out of my wardrobe, and I’m definitely not afraid of wearing something more than once! My whole wardrobe philosophy is about finding great pieces that can be incorporated with pre-existing items and then worn again, and again. It makes more sense to me, to have fewer items that I can get a lot of wear out of, as opposed to a bunch of useless crap that sits on the bottom of my closet!

I usually stick to basic colours; black, white, grey, navy, and chambray….. I find they are the colours I tend to wear the most. Moreover, my wardrobe consists of a lot of denim jeans and shorts, pants and basic t-shirts. These are the items I’m most comfortable or confident wearing, and that get worn the most.

I think the key to re-wearing the same items and making them look different; is all about accessorizing. Changing up the shoes, throwing on a chunky necklace, adding a bold lip or even wearing your hair differently.  I don’t feel like I have to constantly buy new clothes, I just swap and change with what I’ve already got. And to me, that’s the epitome of style!

Check out my photo’s bellow to see how I’ve worn my most loved items (more than once)!


Wearing a Cotton On jumper with, Saba white jeans, Converse sneakers, Chanel purse and Celine sunglasses.

Pictured here wearing; the same White Saba jeans from the picture above, Cotton On chambray shirt, the same Chanel purse and Christian Louboutin’s.

Proving here that white jeans aren’t just reserved for Summer, and some fashion rules can be broken. White jeans are HOT in Winter. 

Image taken from my personal Instagram page!

Me, wearing; the same Cotton On jumper as pictured above, Nobody denim jeans, the same converse sneakers pictured above, Chanel purse and Celine sunglasses. 

Image taken from my personal Instagram page. 


 Wearing my favourite Cotton On jumper and Converse sneakers; from the Easter long weekend, last April. 

Image taken from my personal Instagram page!
 Earlier in the year wearing the same white Saba jeans, during a summer long weekend get-a-way! 


Ash x

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