The Best BB Cream Ever! Designer Brands BB Cream Review

The ‘BB cream’ has become the new in thing for women’s beauty regimes. But with so many ‘BB’ products on the market varying in prices, it’s all rather confusing. So, what the hell is a ‘BB cream’, you ask?

‘BB cream’ stands for beauty balm; although its quite popular in the Asian market, the product is still relatively new for Westerners, like myself. ‘BB’ is an all in one solution that moisturisers as well as corrects the appearance of the skin, with light or natural coverage.

What I love the most about ‘BB cream’ is that it’s so damn easy to use, when I plain and simply can’t be f*cked with a full face of make-up and want a more ‘natural’ look. The product is therefore perfect for busy mums on the go, who can only spare five minutes to slap on some make-up. As well as uni students who have overslept (totally me), or for everyday use when you don’t want to wear a lot of make-up and want the ‘au naturale’ look.

Introducing, Designer Brands ‘BB Cream’. At only $12.99, I’m calling it, the best bloody ‘BB cream’ on the market!


A few of my favourite things this month, featuring the Designer Brands BB Cream and Clear Mascara. 

I’m the first to admit, I can be a bit of a make-up snob, and I often prefer the higher end spectrum of beauty products. But let me tell you, I’ve tried and tested a range of ‘BB creams’, high and low end; nothing compares to Designer Brands.

The Designer Brands ‘BB cream’, contains five in one benefits. Firstly, it moisturisers the skin; that is non greasy and provides 24 hour hydration. Secondly, it protects the skin with SPF 15, helping to protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays (definitely a must in Perth). Third, the product contains products such as; Vitamins C & E, Q10, antioxidants, green tea extract, aloe vera and peptides, that work together to prevent as well as reduce the signs of aging. Fourth, the cream has light pigments that smooths out the skins natural coverage (I use the shade Light/Medium). Lastly, antioxidants help enhance the radiance and natural glow of the skin. I can vouch for this one!

I apply the product after I get out the shower, and I won’t use a moisturiser beforehand because I have quite oily skin, I don’t want too many layers.

I apply a small amount of the product to my finger tips and I pat it onto my face, using a kabuki brush to further pat the product in. If I’m not going anywhere, I usually leave it at that, but if I want my make-up to look a little more ‘done’; I apply some concealer under my eyes, fill in the brows, powder my t-zone and apply some mascara. Moreover you can also use the product as a substitute for foundation and apply the rest of your make-up, as you usually would.

What I love most about this product is that its extremely light weight, but it makes my skin look and feel really radiant, without too much sheen. It gives me that ‘your skin but better’ kind of look, and I always feel like my skin is being nourished!



Love and light

Ash x

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