My Top Five ‘High Street’ Fashion Stores

Last month I shared my top five online stores for high end fashion, and this week I’m sharing my favourite ‘high street’ stores for affordable clothing. Like I’ve said before, in terms of style and fashion, I stick to what I know! But, as much as I appreciate good quality pieces with longevity; style for me is not about being dressed head to toe in Gucci (also your wallet won’t appreciate it!).

So, without a further adieu……

Cotton On Clothing:

I really love Cotton On for great affordable clothing. The store is on the lower end spectrum of high street, but I often find some great pieces that I can easily incorporate into my pre-existing wardrobe. Like that grey jumper I’ve been over-wearing recently! Also the t-shirts are pretty good quality for their price and look super stylish paired with a simple pair of skinny jeans.

Country Road:

I freaking love this store! No seriously. I do, it’s no joke. Country Road is my go-to store for the latest clothing trends, for great quality and affordability. The company has a laid back and relaxed feel; which is evident in their clothing, shoes and accessories. Although on the more expensive end of high street fashion, extremely worth it in my opinion. Especially when they have a sale, there’s no stopping me!

Tony Bianco:

I often frequent the Tony Bianco website for great quality and ultra stylish footwear! I have no idea who this elusive Tony is? But the man knows how to make some bloody good shoes! A few of my staple shoes in my wardrobe are none other than Tony Bianco. Although on the more expensive side of high street, you can’t argue with exceptional quality! Look out for a sale, because you can often snap up some Tony’s for a bargain…

Seed Heritage:

Seed makes beautiful clothing. It’s as simple as that! I often turn to seed for basic pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe. Like Country Road, they have a relaxed vibe which I adore. There’s something about the brand that accentuates the feeling of Summer. It must be their simple, yet totally stylish items!


Lastly, I’ve been shopping at Witchery for years! I always find something that I love every time I go into one of the stores. They have great clothing, shoes and accessories that can be incorporated into any wardrobe. I love Witchery, for Autumn and Winter fashion as opposed to Summer style. Each season they have great jumpers, coats and jackets; that are not only super stylist, but I always find Witchery to have exceptional quality. Certain pieces will most definitely last you a lifetime!

Let me know some of your favourite high street brands or stores, in the comments down bellow!

Love Ash


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