Fashion Feature: Affordable Styling With Cotton Clothing- Featuring My Little Sister

Nine times out of ten, my sister and I can’t stand each other! Like all siblings we have our moments, like when we use to beat the crap out of each other…. Sorry mum! But, when it comes to fashion and style; we have quite similar taste, and more often than not wear the same outfits without even realizing. We both appreciate good quality pieces, but most certainly hit high street for some more affordable clothing and accessories.

Recently, Alexia and I visited our local Cotton On store, where I helped her pick out a few new clothing pieces for Winter. As Alexia is still a high school student, she obviously doesn’t have the income to be consistently shopping and purchasing only high end fashion. Cue Cotton On clothing. I’ve always liked Cotton On for their basics; and over the years the company has upped their game, introducing stylish jeans, shirts and jumpers.

What I love the most about Cotton On is their affordable prices, especially when they have a sale! You really can’t go wrong. All in all, Alexia picked up three jumpers, because it was 30% off knitwear at the time, as well as a grey coat that was on sale for $30, and a denim jacket. In terms of jeans and shoes, like myself, Alexia has invested in a good quality pair of Nobody jeans and Windsor Smith boots, that can be paired with any outfit, and worn in years to come!

black jumper

black jumper close-up

stipped jumper

stripped jumper 2

close-up of stripped jumper

3 jumper shot


grey coat

alexia denim jacket

denim jacket close-up

boots close-p

Serious case of resting bitch face right here….

Jeans are Nobody Denim ‘Siren Skinny’ and shoes are Windsor Smith ‘Sharni’. All three jumpers, grey coat and denim jacket are all available via Cotton On; in store or online.

Love and Light

Ash and Lex


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