Beauty Post: My Most Used Make-up- Predominately M.A.C Products

Like any other woman, I’m obsessed with make-up, and have a crazy collection of beauty products, that don’t always get used. However there are some products I’ve been using for years that I swear by, and that have become some of my most used.

My Most Used Beauty Products Include: 

Base Products- Foundation, Concealer and Powder:

smashbox primer

Image via Mecca Cosmetica. 

I’m not a huge fan of primer, I often feel as though it’s a gimmick product, that’s not always necessary. However for the last four years I’ve used the Smashbox ‘Photo Ready’ primer when I need my make-up to last all day or night. It’s oil-free and non-greasy, increases longevity, as well as reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores.

face and body foundation

Image via M.A.C cosmetics Australia.

My all time favourite foundation is the M.A.C ‘Face and Body Foundation’; which is an extremely thin/light foundation, which I use for a natural dewy finish. Although I have quite oily skin, I die for this foundation. It’s extremely lightweight, enhances the skin, and it’s also perfect to mix with thicker foundations. The only issue I have with this foundation is that I can get oily quickly, but I just blot my t-zone during the day.


My personal image.

I’ve raved about this Designer Brands ‘BB Cream’ a shit load of times. I use this when I can’t be bothered with a full face of make-up or when I have to rush out the house to run errands.

BB concealer kit

Image via Mecca Cosmetica.

I’ve used the Bobbi Brown ‘Creamy Concealer kit’ for years! It comes with a pot of concealer for the under-eye as well as a pot of sheer pressed powder. I use the concealer on an every-day basis when I want a natural look, as opposed to a really highlighted under-eye.

prep and prime highlighter

Image via 

Another one of my favourite concealers is the M.A.C  ‘Prep+Prime Concealer’ in the shade ‘light boost’, which I use as a highlighter, to highlight under the eye and other high points of the face. The concealer comes in a pen form, you twist the bottom and the product comes out the top.

mineralize skinfinish

Image via M.A.C Cosmetics Australia.

The M.A.C  ‘Mineralize Skinfinish Natural’ was one of the first high end beauty products I ever purchased and is still one of my favourite powders today. Everyone knows I’m a fan of natural looking make-up, and I’m definitely not a fan of powdery skin. The mineralize powder is sheer and lightweight, perfect for setting foundation without going over-board.

Cheek Products- Bronzer, Highlight and Blush:

laguna bronzer

Image via Mecca Cosmetica.

The Nars ‘Laguna Bronzer’ is my ultimate bronzer! I have a small collection of bronzer’s and this one is by far my favourite. It’s a beautiful golden colour that has some slight shimmer in it, however it comes out matte on the skin and doesn’t throw orange. Yay!

soft and gentle highlighter

Image via M.A.C Cosmetics Australia.

The M.A.C  ‘Soft and Gentle Highlighter’ is one of the most iconic highlighters on the market and only a recent discovery for me. I purchased the highlighter in March this year and haven’t stopped using it ever since. It is a rose-gold colour and perfect for highlighting the cheekbones.

orgasm blush

Image via Mecca Cosmetica. 

The Nars ‘Orgasm Blush’ is another cult beauty product made famous by celebrities such as, Kourtney Kardashian. I’ve been using this blush for the last three years, and it’s one of my two favourites. I pretty much used this blush for two years straight!

melba blush

Image via M.A.C Cosmetics Australia. 

I love M.A.C blushes, I think they’re great quality, affordable and there is a huge colour range fore every skin colour or look. I Purchased the shade ‘Melba’ at the beginning of the year and haven’t stopped using it. It has a matte texture with a pinky/brown tone, which is perfect to use when I want a natural or bronzed look.

Eye Products- Eyebrows, Mascara and Eyeshadow:

alsion jade eybrow kit

Image via Alison

brow whiz

Image via

I’m the first to admit I struggled in the eyebrow department, I think I missed the memo that eyebrows are the new ‘in-thing’. Anyhow I started using the Alison Jade ‘Eyebrow Kit’, that contains four shades and a wax pot. This kit is perfect for beginners. I also use the Anastasia ‘Brow Whiz’ in the shade taupe, this product is perfect for lazy days when I can’t be bothered with my eyebrows.

zoom lash mascara

Image via M.A.C Cosmetics Australia.

I constantly rotate my mascara’s and I’m currently using the M.A.C ‘Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara’. I’m actually really enjoying this mascara because it gives me long spidery lashes.

bare study paint pot

Image via M.A.C Cosmetics Australia.

I don’t really wear eyeshadow very often, which is pretty stupid considering I have a massive collection of them. On a day-to-day basis I use the M.A.C ‘Paint Pot’ in the shade bare study. It’s a sheer golden eyeshadow with shimmer. I apply it on my eyelids with a coat of mascara for a natural everyday look.  I also use it as a base for powder eyeshadows.

Lip Products- Lipstick, Lip liner and Lipgloss:

honey love lipstick

Image via M.A.C Cosmetics Australia. 

I don’t wear a lot of lip products, I mostly wear lip balm. The large majority of my lipsticks are by M.A.C , most of which are nude. Usually if I’m going to wear a lipstick, it’s a nude shade. Some favourites include; ‘honeylove’, ‘myth’, ‘shy girl’, and ‘yash’.

With Love



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