Affordable Styling With Rubi Shoes

Quality over quantity has always been my approach to fashion and style. I’ve always preferred to have less. Rather, being rich in quality products that can be worn over and over again, mixed and matched. 

However each season new trends come and go and it seems pointless to spend hundreds of dollars on products that will only be worn for a few months. 

With 70’s fashion in full swing I purchased two pairs of sandals from Rubi Shoes which were priced at $25 per pair. Obviously they’re not the best quality being all man-made materials, but if they only last one season, so be it.

I’ve been wearing these cute shoes every chance I can get. I can’t get enough of them! 

Check out the photos bellow to see how I styled the shoes:


A close-up of one the pairs of shoes I purchased from Rubi. 



A close-up of my second pair of shoes from Rubi. 


Love and Light

Ash x

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