Get Ready With Me Featuring Essano Skincare








Using the right skincare products has always been important to me. The skin is the largest living organ that makes up our bodies and as important as it is to look after our skin from the inside, its also important to look after our skin from the outside.  The skin is also the foundation to your make-up and a flawless face can only go as far as the condition or health of your skin.

As a teenager I have struggled with skin issues; horrible acne, skin irritation and sensitive skin. Although now an adult my skin has cleared up extremely well, however I still suffer from hormonal breakouts and sensitive or sometimes irritated skin. Thus finding ‘good’ products to look after my skin is a necessity. 

A few months ago I discovered  the brand ‘Essano Skincare’ in Priceline Pharmacy. The brands cute packaging (yes I’m a sucker for nice packaging), inexpensive prices and natural ingredients got me intrigued, and I decided to try a few of their products. 

The brand is ‘rosehip’ based and certified organic, perfect for people like myself who suffer from sensitive and irritated skin. The rosehip oil in the products has been great at reducing scaring from breakouts as well as brightening up my skin. 

On a typical day I wash my face with an old cleanser from a brand I have been using for many years. I then use the Essano collagen serum which I lightly pat into my skin,  I finish off by applying a light layer of moisturiser from the drug store.  I also like to wear Giorgio Armani ‘Si’ as my day-to-day fragrance and a Chanel lippy is also a must. 

My night time routine is similar however I use the rosehip and pomegranate oil after I cleanse as well as the night moisturiser and under eye cream. 

I’m wearing a dressing gown from Peter Alexander (old)| Skincare from Essano| Clarasonic | lipstick from Chanel | Perfume from Giorgio Armani. 

Love and Light

Ash xx

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