Casual Style Post~ Meet My Dogs! 

Meet Sabrina and Samson, my two babies! Sab and Sammy are both golden cocker-spaniels, and the cutest little doggies I’ve ever seen. These pups bring so much fun and love to my world and I couldn’t imagine life without them. They’re a little bit overweight at the moment (obviously!) so we’ve been taking them for walks every afternoon. Hence my ‘oh hey this is my casual I’m going for a walk outfit’….. 

I’m wearing a grey skirt from Country Road, Sportsgirl t-shirt, Cheap Monday denim jacket, Prada sunglasses and Chanel purse.

I recently wore this grey skirt in a previous blog post (you can read it here). What I love most about this skirt is it’s versatility! You can dress it up like in my previous post by wearing heels, or dress it down by wearing a casual t-shirt and sneakers. 

Love from Sabrina, Samson and Ash


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