Making the Switch to All Natural Soap With Scrumpy Soap Co 

In this day and age processed and packed foods containing chemicals has become extremely common in our supermarkets. Although we as consumers are starting to learn about these nasties (which we now attempt to avoid), we often forget that the products we use on our bodies may also contain unnecessary chemicals. The skin is the bodies largest living organ and should be nourished by products that will enhance the skin through moisture and cleanliness rather than strip away natural oils. 

In my mission to achieve a healthier 2016 I’ve made the switch from packaged soaps from the supermarket to handmade ones from right here in Western Australia. In 2015 I discovered that the small rash on my shoulders and arms that wouldn’t quite seem to go away was caused by the body wash I was using. It was definitely time to say good bye to soaps and body wash from the supermarket. 

I had come across Scrumpy Soap Co at a market on one of my down South adventures some time ago; remembering that they had an online store, I ordered a few. All of the companies soaps are handmade and hand cut in Western Australia as well as made from organic, and locally sourced ingredients. They also do not contain palm oil, parabens, chemicals or synthetic fragrances and are vegan friendly. What I also love about Scrumpy Soap are  their prices! All of their soaps are five dollars and under, making them extremely affordable for families, or students on a budget. The companies customer service is an added bonus with the ordering and shipping process being extremely fast. I was also gifted a free ‘Rosemary soap’ and a code for ten per cent off my next purchase. 

If your interested in purchasing any of the Scrumpy soaps head online here:


Love and Light

Ash x

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