Top Four’High End’ Bronzing/Contouring Products 

It’s common knowledge that reality  TV star Kim Kardashian has been a major trend setter and  instigator of the infamous ‘contouring’ technique, with so many of us adding contouring to our make-up routine. My approach to contouring like anything else I discuss on this blog, is simple. You won’t see me sculpting out my face with a thousand cream products, or baking for that matter. I mean, who even has time for that shit? I surely don’t! Although I am a fan of contouring, I use the technique on a more basic level; choosing to enhance my appearance rather than changing it. I much prefer a natural ‘bronzed’ look as opposed to a harsh contour, but each to their own! 

I’ve compiled my favourite four contouring products down bellow.


Ash xx


Soleil Tan De Chanel Or Bronze Universal:

The Bronze Universal by Chanel is on the higher end price spectrum, but has to be one of the best cream bronzers I have ever used. Although its expensive, a little goes a long way! I find this product is great for carving out the cheek bones and jaw line, whilst also looking extremely natural.

Tom Ford

Shade and Illuminate- Intensity One:

Also on the expensive side, the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate is another favourite cream contouring or bronzing product of mine. I use this product when I want a stronger contour. The texture is like butter, making it extremely easy to blend out for that ‘natural’ contoured look.


Laguna Bronzer:

The Nars Laguna bronzer is my absolute ride or die product! I use it every single day in my make-up routine to add a little warmth to my skin. There’s not too much to say. I love it! Its extremely build-able if your after the ‘Kim Kardashian contour’, but a small dusting  also looks great for natural everyday make-up. 


Bronzing Skin Perfector:

The Becca Bronzing Skin Perfector is a relatively new addition to my bronzing make-up collection. Rather than using the product as you would like the other bronzers I have mentioned, I mix this product into my foundation. The liquid consistency mixes smoothly into foundation and the combination gives your complexion that natural ‘sun-kissed’ glow. 

Disclaimer* Obviously all these products are not necessary in your make-up routine, just a bit of fun and definitely worth checking out if your a beauty junkie like myself! 

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