The Best Australian Designer Labels

Happy Australia Day to all my Aussie babes! To celebrate I’ve compiled a list of my favourite Australian designer labels. Aussie designers have really hit the head on the nail with their approach to laid back yet uber stylish clothing. They have set the bench mark of quality and style, that evidently has hit the fashion world by storm. 

Nobody Denim:

 Image Via Nobody denim Instagram.

Worn by the likes of fellow Aussie babe Miranda Kerr, Nobody Denim has to be one of the best denim brands on the market! Not to mention I have a collection of their jeans…. This means I will look like Miranda, right? Nobody has to be one of my absolute must have items. 


Image via Zimmermann Instagram. 

Zimmermann is the epitome of Australian fashion. The brands simple, coastal and stylish designs have made them one of the most sought after brands. Each year the brand raises the bar that much higher. Zimmermann is definitely on my wish list!

Bec and Bridge:
Image via Bec and Bridge Instagram. 

Bec and Bridge have just got it right when it comes to designing dresses that flatter the female  body. Their designs are simple, sexy and edgy. A definite must have for your next party. 

One Teaspoon:

Image via One Teaspoon Instagram. 

One Teaspoon make the best shorts! Worn by fellow Aussies, Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton from ‘They all Hate Us’, they really are the coolest shorts. Their simple designs are so very Aussie, perfect for the beach or dressed up for an evening out. 

Camilla and Marc:

 Image via Camilla and Marc Instagram.

Camilla and Marc is beautifully crafted; offering contemporary and sophisticated clothing which reflects the Australian lifestyle.  

Carla Zampatti:


Image via Carla Zampatti Instagram.

Carla Zampatti is an Aussie icon! Her brand has been around for decades and seems to get better each season! Her designs are always beautiful and feminine.  

Maurie and Eve:


Image via Maurie and Eve Instagram.

Maurie and Eve design the coolest clothes ever! They’re simple yet outstanding, which is what I love the most about the brand. 


Ash xx 

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