Perth Fringe Festival- The Leftovers Review

The 2016 Perth Fringe Festival has officially kicked off with my first official play being the ‘Leftovers’ created by local artist and playwright, Kyle Kash. The leftovers explores the experience of seven characters whom deal with the issue of death through their stories of personal loss and grieving. The play encourages the audience to think about the often difficult or avoided subject, death. It strikes an emotional response from the audience to consider life after death and ultimately how death impacts our lives. The coolest thing about this play is that the message and stories are based and inspired from true events. The playwright spent 2010 interviewing real people from the local community, hearing their stories and experiences regarding death. 

This funny, emotional, and pensive play exhibits Western Australia’s increasing local talent through the seven members remarkable acting.  All aspects of the play were covered with creative costume and make-up design, my favourite being the ‘drag’. An Impromptu contemporary dance routine even left me on the edge of my seat in amazement. 

If your heading to Fringe World this Summer, I highly recommend viewing the ‘Leftovers’. I have a feeling it won’t let you down!


Ash x

jack from the Letovers

lily the leftovers

the leftovers group shot

Images via Kyle Kash.

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