Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review

Finding the perfect foundation can be a difficult process with numerous variables to consider, such as, the finish, colour, texture, and importantly, the price.  I’ve always been curious about the drug store brand, Bourjois and after seeing countless reviews about their ‘Healthy Mix Foundation’, I decided to give it a go! After a quick Google search, I also discovered that Bourjois are the manufacturers of Chanel Beauty, even more intriguing. The foundation promises a hydrated, luminous and healthy glow for up to 16 hours. The consistency is also extremely lightweight,easy to blend, and can be built up for more coverage. 

After using this foundation for the last few weeks, it has become a fast favourite! It has a natural dewy finish which I love, without looking too ‘shiny’, and with a light dusting of powder through my T-zone, this foundation lives up to it’s 16 hour promise. Even on my oily complexion! Even better, it retails for approximately $30. A huge difference in comparison to the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, which retails for around $70, and to be honest are basically the same product! 

Bourjois is available at Priceline Pharmacy, in store or online!


Ash xx

8 thoughts on “Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review

  1. I really love this foundation too! Too bad Bourjois got discontinued in my country.
    Can you please tell me the batch code on bottom and it’s date of manufacture if you can tell.
    Just bought it online and it seems expired….

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