Sports-Luxe Want List

Sports luxe

Cap|| Sunglasses|| Bomber Jacket|| Michael Kors Watch|| ‘Homies’ T-shirt|| JBrand Jeans|| Marc by Marc Jacobs purse|| Python sneakers|| scarf

 With the cooler weather I’m experiencing in Australia at the moment, I’m seriously craving an all black ‘sports-Luxe’ outfit. There’s nothing cooler, than throwing on a pair of black skinny jeans, a bomber jacket, and a pair of sneakers. Edgy and comfortable! ‘Sports-Luxe’ is not a new trend. The  style has been worn for the last two years; from fashion bloggers, to celebrities and even supermodels. Yes I’m looking at you, Kendall Jenner! It’s evident the style is here to stay! 

For all my American babes following along on my little blog I’ve found the coolest website where you can find all your fashion needs, its called  Spring! The website features over 850 brands, so you will definitely find things to update your wardrobe. I’ve compiled my ‘Sports-Luxe Wantlist’ (pictured above), via all the amazing products Spring has to offer. The black bomber jacket has to be one of my most loved items, definitely something you can wear in future seasons, and the python sneakers are freaking cool! There’s so many variations of style-Luxe, so it’s definitely suitable for everyone, and with the numerous items Spring has to offer, you have endless options. Their new accessories shop has plenty of cool items. I know ya’ll are in the middle of Summer, but its never to early to start planning next seasons outfits. 

Are you a fan of ‘Sports-Luxe’? Let me know in the comments bellow!

Love Ash x

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