Affordable Bikini Style Feature









Kmart bikini (available in-store)|| Target thongs (flip flops lol)|| 66 The Label hat|| Prada sunglasses 

My husband and I  have just arrived back home after our amazing honeymoon in Hawaii and Sydney. We’re definitely missing the Hawaiian sun and salty water, but its back to reality, unfortunately… However, this does mean new blog posts, and to kick off my first post after my little hiatus, I’m showing you an affordable bikini that I wore on the beaches of Maui! I purchased this reversible bikini from a little Australian store called Kmart! That’s right….Kmart! And at only $20 for the top and bottom, you really can’t go wrong. Not only do you get two bikini’s in one, but you can also mix and match, which is half the fun! Style doesn’t always have to be expensive and this bathing suit proves just that, I’m most definitely going to be wearing it back home.

Love and Light,

Ash xx

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