Our Honeymoon Part 1~ Maui









A view of the backyard of the Andaz from the hotel lobby. 







A typical sunny day in Maui. the surroundings were breathtaking!





The gorgeous entry way to the Andaz 


For as long as I can remember I’ve dreamed of visiting Hawaii, it was just somewhere I had to go! Fast forward to 2016, when Frankie and I decided we wanted to get married later on in the year, I knew Hawaii would be our ultimate honeymoon destination. And boy are we glad we decided to go, because it lived up to every expectation we had! Yes, there really are palm trees…Everywhere! 

On our first leg of our Hawaiian adventure, we traveled to Maui and stayed at the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort, and let me tell you… It was heaven on earth!! The resort boasts three infinity pools, a lagoon pool and an adults only pool. Did I forgot to mention that it’s right on the beach? We spent the majority of our time swimming and soaking up the gorgeous Hawaiian sun. The beaches in Hawaii are everything you would expect and more! I’m not kidding, crystal clear and flat warm water (the beaches in Perth are icy cold!). We spent a couple of our mornings snorkeling, the hubby even spotted two turtles.

The Andaz also offers holiday-goers staying at the resort free snorkling and paddle board gear as well as complimentary surfing and yoga lessons, and you can even rent a go-pro for the day, to record your adventures! What more could you want?

The best thing about the Andaz is that it’s just an incredibly easy and relaxing experience! The resort offers a 24 hour market place, as well as two fully functioning restaurants, a bar, beach shack, spa and gym; you have everything you need at your doorstep which allows you more time to unwind and relax. My husband constantly noted how there was no sense of time during or stay; the days were long and tranquil, nothing mattered besides sunbathing…And what cocktail I wanted to order next! 

love and light

Ash xx

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