Overall Love









Levis Overalls|| Target T-shirt|| Celine sunglasses|| Target espadrilles (available in-store)|| Chanel purse|| Charlotte Tilbury lipstick~Carina’s love 

I’m having a serious love affair with overalls at the moment….. I’m definitely a true 90’s kid!

In the past I’ve been reluctant to try out more adventurous outfits due to a lack of confidence. A few years ago I purchased a beautiful vintage faux fur jacket, but I ended up selling it because I was too shy to wear it in public… It was definitely a show stopping piece! Now I totally regret selling it! It’s the same with overalls, they’re a more risque’ piece for myself but I just love the look of them. The moral of the story is…. Wear whatever you love! 

I’m so glad I found this pair of overalls online at Just Jeans because,  they’ve become an easy ‘no-brainer’ outfit, and there are so many ways to style them! A basic white t-shirt (like I’m wearing above) is the perfect combo for the warmer weather, but I can’t wait to wear them in Winter with a turtle neck and some ankle boots! 

Love and Light

ash xx

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