New Years Eve 

Stevie May top|| Nobody denim|| Windsor Smith heels~similar style here|| Gucci pouch|| Nars lipstick~heatwave

Happy New Year!!

Firstly, I need to apologise for the terrible photo’s (above), they were taken straight after dinner on New Years Eve and I’d had one too many glasses of vino…. And the hubby left the camera behind, so iPhone pics it was! 

The hubby and I were down South to ring in the New Year, the nights have been quite cool, so warmer clothing was a must. It gave me the opportunity to wear my brand new top from Stevie May… I’m all about the bell sleeves and crotchet, it’s 70’s all the way! Because the top was more ‘out there’, I paired it with a classic pair of skinny leg jeans, and voila! 

In terms of New Year resolutions, I’m not usually one to start the year off with a bunch of resolutions…. Life isn’t so straightforward and the majority of the time we never stick to them! Instead I’ve thought of a few goals to work towards in the New Year. Things that I can strive to daily for a more positive life for myself and others. The goals I’m working towards this year are;

  1. To achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle, by maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet, and working out regularly at the gym.
  2. To not care or worry about what ‘other people’ think about myself or the life choices I make. Life’s too short!
  3. To continue treating people how I would like to be treated and generally being kind to everyone I encounter.
  4. To not criticise, condemn or complain about others so much.

I hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year!

With love,

ash xx

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