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View More: http://kirstyrussellphotography.pass.us/ashleigh--rancois

View More: http://kirstyrussellphotography.pass.us/ashleigh--rancois

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View More: http://kirstyrussellphotography.pass.us/ashleigh--rancois

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I can’t believe that our wedding day was over three months ago! The whole thing is still so surreal and I often forget I have a husband (soz babe)!! This was definitely one of the best days of our lives and I could do it all over again tomorrow!

Although Frankie and I had been engaged for well over two years (getting married was no surprise there!), late last April we decided to spontaneously get married that same year. We were over the engagement stage, and quite frankly, were just looking forward to sealing the deal as husband and wife. Best. Decision. Ever!! One of the other best decisions we made was keeping it a secret! Weird for a style blogger, right? Well to be honest it made the whole process that much easier.. We really wanted to just surprise people, so the only people we told were our close family and friends. I also felt like it allowed the entire decision making process up to us, without unwanted opinion. 

Those who knew me well, would know that I never wanted a wedding! I was never the girl dreaming of the huge white wedding she was going to have one day, that just wasn’t me. Instead we opted for an intimate party, with our closest friends and family (Cue the DJ)! And that’s exactly what it was! We drank tonnes of wine whilst getting down and dirty with our best friends, we truly danced the night away. 

In terms of details, Frankie and I love to do things differently, so instead of the traditional wedding cake, we opted for a tower of cheese. In a room full of wogs….I’d call it a hit! We wanted rustic, intimate and non-traditional, all except a few old Macedonian traditions. My Macedonian heritage/culture is a huge part of me (hence the name of this blog!), so it was really important to include it on our wedding day. My Baba and Aunty both organised  a mixture of rice, five cent pieces and sugar coated almonds to be thrown over my husband and I after we married. It was so great to see our guests scavenging around afterwards for the pieces. And you bet we did Macedonian dancing… someone actually had to pull the plug on Baba, that woman could go all night!


Venue: Sandalford Wines (Ceremony and Reception) 

Wedding Stylist: Marielle Studio

Flowers/Entry Board/Table Arrangement: All organised by the lovely Mary from Marielle Studio 

Photographer: Kirsty Russel 

Wedding Cake: Say Cheese Towers 

DJ: Ben De Rosa 

Celebrant: Anne Lord

Hair and Make-up: Lush Hair and Make-up by Lesley and Mel (these ladies are the best!)

Wedding Dress: Rachel Gilbert

Veil: Wedding Veils Australia

Shoes: Valentino

Headpiece: Lovisa

Bridesmaid Dress: Shona Joy

Bridesmaids Shoes: Target

Grooms Suit: MJ Bale 

Grooms Shoes: Windsor Smith

Wedding Bands/Engagement Ring: Stefan Jewelers 

Brides Earings: diamonds borrowed from my nan

Love and Light

Ash x


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