Opinion Piece: Is Society Over-Sexualising The Female Body?

Today I’m sharing an older blog post that I wrote last year which still holds a huge significance for myself!

Elena and Stase

On my usual scroll through my Facebook page a couple of days ago, I stumbled across an article posted on ‘Mamamia’ labelled,”Baby Woman: The Painful Reality of Being a 12-Year-Old With Breasts” (you can read the full article here). The article deals with the over-sexualisation of the female body, or in this case teenage girls. Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski wrote an essay penned from actress and author, Lena Dunham’s newsletter about early development and societal pressure to mask the female body.

emily rata

Supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski. Image courtesy of Elle.com

The article hit me hard, and a wave of memories from my teenage years that I had so desperately pushed to the back of my mind, came flooding back. Like Emily and so many other women, teenager girls or children (yes it happens), I developed breasts quite early on. Eleven years old to be exact! At thirteen I was forced to go…

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