Pretty in Pink


Top row: Witchery bomber jacket|| Forever New top|| Witchery dress

Second row: Wittner sneakers|| DB Cosmetics lipstick|| Skye and Lach sunglasses

Third row: Adairs throw|| DB Cosmetics blush|| Sportsgirl bucket bag

 I was never a pink girl to say the least, and if mum was to see this post, she would cry of laughter because when I was little everything needed to be blue, blue blue! Blue is still my favorite colour, and those who are closest to me will know that I’m not the girliest of girls, but I’m still partial to a splash of pink! This season pink has become the new black, although an all black combo will always have my heart, I’m still excited to add some of the colour to my wardrobe. The items featured above are my picks from the latest trend and I have to make a special mention about the ‘Designer Brands Cosmetic’ long-wear lipstick (above), this has to be one of the best affordable lipsticks on the market!


Ash xx

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