Double Denim Style Feature






Nobody Denim (old)||Rails LA shirt on sale here!!! More affordable style, here||Prada Sunglasses||Louis Vuitton handbag||Superga sneakers

Happy Monday!! Here’s a look I wore over the weekend.

I think the double denim combo is so cute! My tip is to switch up the colour variation of the denim. For instance, I’m wearing lighter denim on top and darker on the bottom. The variation in shade contrasts the outfit and gives it an extra pop! 

On another note, If you saw my latest Instagram post  you would know that I mentioned I had outgrown pretty much all of my denim jeans. I think I’ve been in denial for the last 9 months, believing I was still a size 8, lol that ship has sailed! Anyway since yesterday I’ve gone on to purchase a couple of new pairs of Nobody Denim jeans. I’ve stuck with Nobody because they are by far some of the best jeans I’ve ever worn and I thought I may as well stick with what I love. Plus Live Clothing had 25% off store wide, so I definitely couldn’t resist!! As far as I know the sale is still going in-store and online, so if your wanting to try Nobody or need to replenish some of your old ones, now’s the time.

Until next time,

Ash xx

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