Blue Jean Baby









Seed Heritage flares (no longer available)||Piper jumper via Myer||Louis Vuitton handbag||H&M bag charm||Isabel Marant boots||Prada sunglasses

Happy Monday babes, here’s what I wore to church yesterday! 

If it wasn’t completely obvious by now, I’m kinda obsessed with the flare trend!! I  scored these Seed Heritage denim flares on their outlet website for $30, the ultimate bargain. Unfortunately they’ve sold out. But don’t worry, there are many more varieties being sold online, from designer brands to high street, ranging from online boutiques, such as; The Iconic, My Theresa, The Outnet, and ASOS. Now I completely understand that flare jeans aren’t for everyone, but if you do want to rock them, my one advice is to tailor them to your body! When tailored correctly, flares have the ability to elongate the leg and give the illusion of height. 

This is also the second time this month that I’ve worn this gorgeous Piper jumper, because it’s so warm and cuddly. Like I’ve said previously, I purchase items to wear again and again; and to me that’s the epitome of style. 


Ash xx 

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