Paris When It Sizzles









Country Road top (old)||Nobody Denim jeans||Witchery trench (old)|\Chloe shoes~love this colour also, here||Louis Vuitton handbag||Quay sunglasses||Wheels and Dollbaby neck scarf (old). 

Here’s a look I wore over the weekend… A little ‘Parisian Chic’.

Stripes and denim has to be one of the easiest outfit combinations, and one of my favourite go-to’s! It’s a simple outfit, but because its now Winter, layering over a trench coat and neck scarf are easy ways to dress-up an otherwise basic outfit! Some of the items I’m wearing, I’ve had for years!!! These items have built the foundation for my wardrobe, and I wear them season, after season with a bit of mix-and-matching. Sometimes style is more important than fast fashion. 


Ash xx

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