About Me


Hi everyone! I’m Ash, a style blogger, writer and public relations graduate living in Perth, Western Australia with my husband Frankie. 

I started Elena and Stase in 2015 as a place to express the things I love. Since then it has become an outlet where I share my personnel style, beauty tips, and life stories. 

I often get asked about the name of my blog (no one ever pronounces it right, unless they’re European haha). Elena and Stase are my grandparents, whom were born and raised in Macedonia, thus this blog is a reflection of my personal heritage, as well as my love of style.

I’ve always been obsessed with ‘style’, and am constantly inspired by fashion magazines, celebs, other style bloggers and even women on the street!

Thank you so much for following along with me!

Love and Light

Ash x

Contact Me:

Email: ashleigh.vellios@gmail.com

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