Women’s Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is quite literally just around the corner… I swear this year has flown by (as always)! This year is exciting because it’s our first Christmas as a married couple, which makes the celebrations all the more special. Each year I put together a Gift Guide to give you all present ideas, and this year is no different… I’ll take one of everything, please!

Women's Gift Guide.JPG

Top Row: Benefit Cosmetics|| Viktor and Rolf perfume|| Caudalie skincare pack

Middle Row: Diptique Candle|| Steele dress|| Prada sunglasses

Bottom Row: Charlotte Tilbury lipstick|| Hobbs heelsHobbs heels|| PA pjs

Love and light

Ash xx

My Everyday Make-Up Routine and Beauty Essentials



The best make-up storage container from the Make-up Box Shop. A definite must to keep you make-up collection organised, easily accessible, and in prime condition. 


Full outfit details are featured in my previous blog post, here.


I’ve always been intrigued of other people’s morning routines, the products they use, and the steps they take before leaving the house. Why? I have no idea, a part from the fact that it weirdly fascinates me! Today I’m sharing my morning make-up routine and the essential beauty products I swear by for natural every-day make-up. 

Let’s be real here, no one wakes up ready to start the day with glowing and fresh skin… Well I don’t anyway! Actually I’m far from it, so I need all the help I can get. One of the most important steps in my beauty routine is thoroughly cleansing my skin with a lightweight cream cleanser (I’m currently using the Alpha Balancing Cleanser) before applying an oil free moisturiser (I use Neutrogena). I’ve said it many times and I will say it again, looking after your skin will create the base for flawless make-up. 

I recently switched to the Nars tinted moisturiser as opposed to foundation, not only does it give me a natural complexion (which I love!), but it means I’m not consistently clogging my pores. I use a cream blush from M.A.C and the Nars ‘laguna’ bronzer for my cheeks, and then set my whole face with the Nars translucent powder. Lastly I fill in my brows, give my lashes a couple of coats of mascara, and add a touch of nude lipstick.

My daily routine takes me an average of 15 minutes, I mean CBF doing the whole contour and highlight thing in the morning, I would much rather spend the extra minutes in bed! 

My Hero Products:

Nars Tinted Moisturiser

Nars Laguna Bronzer

Nars translucent powder

Hourglass eyebrow pencil

Chanel Lipstick #458

What are some of your favourite products? Let me know in the comments bellow!

Love and Light

Ash x


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review

Finding the perfect foundation can be a difficult process with numerous variables to consider, such as, the finish, colour, texture, and importantly, the price.  I’ve always been curious about the drug store brand, Bourjois and after seeing countless reviews about their ‘Healthy Mix Foundation’, I decided to give it a go! After a quick Google search, I also discovered that Bourjois are the manufacturers of Chanel Beauty, even more intriguing. The foundation promises a hydrated, luminous and healthy glow for up to 16 hours. The consistency is also extremely lightweight,easy to blend, and can be built up for more coverage. 

After using this foundation for the last few weeks, it has become a fast favourite! It has a natural dewy finish which I love, without looking too ‘shiny’, and with a light dusting of powder through my T-zone, this foundation lives up to it’s 16 hour promise. Even on my oily complexion! Even better, it retails for approximately $30. A huge difference in comparison to the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, which retails for around $70, and to be honest are basically the same product! 

Bourjois is available at Priceline Pharmacy, in store or online!


Ash xx

Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque Review

Dermalogica has been my go-to skincare brand since my early teen years after my mum introduced it to me (thanks mum!). It’s been with me through my teenage acne to my now sensitive and hormonal skin. Tried and tested, Dermalogica seems to be a brand I always return to. The brands variety of products means that it’s perfect for women (and men) of all different ages and skin concerns.

In my recent hunt for a new face mask I once again returned to my trusted Dermalogica, after deciding to trial out their new on the market, ‘Charcoal Rescue Masque’. After feeling as though my skin was congested and lack-luster, I was searching for a product to thoroughly detoxify and brighten my skin. Keeping in mind that my skin is also sensitive, I was also looking for a product that wouldn’t irritate it. 

Introducing the ‘Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque’! According to Dermalogica the mask is an all-in-one treatment which detoxifies, brightens and invigorates all skin conditions. The activated ‘Binchotan Charcoal’ is said to absorb impurities whilst ‘Sulfur’ promotes cell turnover. I’ve been using the mask for the last few weeks and absolutely loving it, already noticing the difference in my skins texture. 

I apply the masque all over my face and neck, making sure I don’t get it near my eyes. The black substance has a minty smell to it that makes my skin tingle and tighten. After about 15-20 minutes I dampen my face with warm water and gently rub the mask in. The product contains tiny exfoliating beads that gently clean out the pores,  stripping away the dead skin cells. Finally washing the rest of the product off. The result is fresh feeling, detoxified and smooth skin. 

I’ve been using the mask in combination with the Dermalogica ‘Ultra-calming cleanser’ and ‘Daily Microfoliant’, as well as the Neutrogena ‘oil-free’ moirsturiser. 


Excuse the gross photo of me. But whats a skincare review without a dodgy application pic?

Love and Light

Ash x

2016 Valentines Day Female Gift Guide

With Valentines Day fast approaching I thought it fitting to share a gift guide for the special woman in your life! This year I have kept it simple with five gifts that any woman would be happy with (including myself…. hint, hint Francois). Remember flowers and chocolates are also a good idea! 

valentines day gift day

  1. YSL Touche Elate & Mascara Set, 2. Cocolux Candle, 3. Moet and Chandon (Special edition), 4. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume, and 5. Michael Kors watch.

Lots of Love 

Ash xx

Top Four ‘High End’ Highlighing Products

Like contouring; highlighting has also become a massive hit in the beauty world, with many women adding the step into their daily routine. I recently mentioned my top five bronzing and contouring products (you can read it here), but to really complete the ‘bronzed’ or ‘contoured’ look, highlighting is an essential! Whether its a cream, or a powder; highlighting helps enhance the high points of your face and has become one of my favourite steps in my make-up routine. 

Keep Reading for my top four highlighters.

Love and Light

Ash xx


Pressed Highlighter in Moonstone: 

The Becca pressed highlighter in moonstone is the ‘ultimate’ highlighter in my make-up collection and my absolute favourite! This highlighter is relatively new and can’t stop using it! If I could only choose one highlighter this would be it. It’s amazing! It gives you are natural sheen without looking oily or too much, and its buttery texture makes it exceptionally easy to blend. 


Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft And Gentle:

The M.A.C mineralise skinfinish in soft and gentle has to be one of the most popular products by M.A.C, and for good reason. Its quite possibly one of the nicest highlighters on the market! The pale golden colour is perfect at extenuating your cheekbones for a natural warm/bronzed look. 

Bobbi Brown

Shimmer Brick in Bronze: 

The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in bronze is a selection of five highlight shades that can be used individually or swirled together for an ultimate warm glow. This highlighter can also be doubled up as eye shadow, making it perfect for travelling. 


Multiple in South Beach:

The Nars Multiple in south beach is a cream highlighter in a stick form. The benefit of using a cream highlight is that it looks extremely natural which is great for everyday make-up. You can also layer this highlight with a powder over the top for an extreme highlighted look. 

Top Four’High End’ Bronzing/Contouring Products 

It’s common knowledge that reality  TV star Kim Kardashian has been a major trend setter and  instigator of the infamous ‘contouring’ technique, with so many of us adding contouring to our make-up routine. My approach to contouring like anything else I discuss on this blog, is simple. You won’t see me sculpting out my face with a thousand cream products, or baking for that matter. I mean, who even has time for that shit? I surely don’t! Although I am a fan of contouring, I use the technique on a more basic level; choosing to enhance my appearance rather than changing it. I much prefer a natural ‘bronzed’ look as opposed to a harsh contour, but each to their own! 

I’ve compiled my favourite four contouring products down bellow.


Ash xx


Soleil Tan De Chanel Or Bronze Universal:

The Bronze Universal by Chanel is on the higher end price spectrum, but has to be one of the best cream bronzers I have ever used. Although its expensive, a little goes a long way! I find this product is great for carving out the cheek bones and jaw line, whilst also looking extremely natural.

Tom Ford

Shade and Illuminate- Intensity One:

Also on the expensive side, the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate is another favourite cream contouring or bronzing product of mine. I use this product when I want a stronger contour. The texture is like butter, making it extremely easy to blend out for that ‘natural’ contoured look.


Laguna Bronzer:

The Nars Laguna bronzer is my absolute ride or die product! I use it every single day in my make-up routine to add a little warmth to my skin. There’s not too much to say. I love it! Its extremely build-able if your after the ‘Kim Kardashian contour’, but a small dusting  also looks great for natural everyday make-up. 


Bronzing Skin Perfector:

The Becca Bronzing Skin Perfector is a relatively new addition to my bronzing make-up collection. Rather than using the product as you would like the other bronzers I have mentioned, I mix this product into my foundation. The liquid consistency mixes smoothly into foundation and the combination gives your complexion that natural ‘sun-kissed’ glow. 

Disclaimer* Obviously all these products are not necessary in your make-up routine, just a bit of fun and definitely worth checking out if your a beauty junkie like myself! 

Making the Switch to All Natural Soap With Scrumpy Soap Co 

In this day and age processed and packed foods containing chemicals has become extremely common in our supermarkets. Although we as consumers are starting to learn about these nasties (which we now attempt to avoid), we often forget that the products we use on our bodies may also contain unnecessary chemicals. The skin is the bodies largest living organ and should be nourished by products that will enhance the skin through moisture and cleanliness rather than strip away natural oils. 

In my mission to achieve a healthier 2016 I’ve made the switch from packaged soaps from the supermarket to handmade ones from right here in Western Australia. In 2015 I discovered that the small rash on my shoulders and arms that wouldn’t quite seem to go away was caused by the body wash I was using. It was definitely time to say good bye to soaps and body wash from the supermarket. 

I had come across Scrumpy Soap Co at a market on one of my down South adventures some time ago; remembering that they had an online store, I ordered a few. All of the companies soaps are handmade and hand cut in Western Australia as well as made from organic, and locally sourced ingredients. They also do not contain palm oil, parabens, chemicals or synthetic fragrances and are vegan friendly. What I also love about Scrumpy Soap are  their prices! All of their soaps are five dollars and under, making them extremely affordable for families, or students on a budget. The companies customer service is an added bonus with the ordering and shipping process being extremely fast. I was also gifted a free ‘Rosemary soap’ and a code for ten per cent off my next purchase. 

If your interested in purchasing any of the Scrumpy soaps head online here:



Love and Light

Ash x

Woman’s Christmas Gift Guide for 2015

With Christmas fast approaching I thought it was only fitting to collate a gift guide for the special women in your life! Whether it be your mother, sister, girlfriend, grandmother,  best friend, wife or aunt; I truly believe any woman would be happy with any one of these gifts! 

Add a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers and a personalised Christmas card to make your present that much more special.


ladies gift guide

For the woman who likes her labels.

Starting from the top: Jo Malone Cologne (I’m seriously dying for the Earl Grey and Cucumber scent), Nespresso Machine, Mosaics colouring book, Louis Vuitton wallet, Tiffany and Co ear rings, Michael Kors watch, Crabtree and Evelyn handcream (I love the Argan and Grapeseed ornament tin), Valentino heels, Adidas sneakers, and Seed Heritage white dress

women christmas gift guide

For the Beauty Junkie.

Starting from the top: Diptique candle set, Too Faced eye shadow palette, Nars red lip kit, Essano skincare pack, Chanel Madmoiselle perfume, Essie nail polish, Sigma brush kit, Clarisonic , Kate Spade tumbler and,  Grown Alchemist twin set.

homewares gift guide for women

For the entertainer.

Starting from the top: Kitchenaid mixer, Royal Albert teacup, Golden cheese knife set, Nutribullet, Moet and Chandon wine, cheeseboard, The Beach People round towel/picnic blanket, assortment of cook books (I have my eye on the ‘Delicious Home Cooking’ book). 


Ash xx

Get Ready With Me Featuring Essano Skincare








Using the right skincare products has always been important to me. The skin is the largest living organ that makes up our bodies and as important as it is to look after our skin from the inside, its also important to look after our skin from the outside.  The skin is also the foundation to your make-up and a flawless face can only go as far as the condition or health of your skin.

As a teenager I have struggled with skin issues; horrible acne, skin irritation and sensitive skin. Although now an adult my skin has cleared up extremely well, however I still suffer from hormonal breakouts and sensitive or sometimes irritated skin. Thus finding ‘good’ products to look after my skin is a necessity. 

A few months ago I discovered  the brand ‘Essano Skincare’ in Priceline Pharmacy. The brands cute packaging (yes I’m a sucker for nice packaging), inexpensive prices and natural ingredients got me intrigued, and I decided to try a few of their products. 

The brand is ‘rosehip’ based and certified organic, perfect for people like myself who suffer from sensitive and irritated skin. The rosehip oil in the products has been great at reducing scaring from breakouts as well as brightening up my skin. 

On a typical day I wash my face with an old cleanser from a brand I have been using for many years. I then use the Essano collagen serum which I lightly pat into my skin,  I finish off by applying a light layer of moisturiser from the drug store.  I also like to wear Giorgio Armani ‘Si’ as my day-to-day fragrance and a Chanel lippy is also a must. 

My night time routine is similar however I use the rosehip and pomegranate oil after I cleanse as well as the night moisturiser and under eye cream. 

I’m wearing a dressing gown from Peter Alexander (old)| Skincare from Essano| Clarasonic | lipstick from Chanel | Perfume from Giorgio Armani. 

Love and Light

Ash xx